The mental awareness of victory, the joy of the seemingly better result, is the first step into the quagmire of peace, which will inevitably lead to degradation, even death of the mind.

Dmitry Malishev


For more than 10 years of professional activity in the field of photo and video, we have collected a lot of non-standard solutions and qualitatively new proposals for the future customer.


Internet for business

A few years ago, we focused our efforts on creating visual content for the Internet. Any business needs promotional photos, videos, virtual tours to place them on websites, social networks and Google services. Exactly this business is our client.


Unique equipment

We have a truly unique fleet of equipment. Some models of our professional equipment presented in Ukraine by a single example.


Our team

Our core asset is a team of professionals, people who are willing to learn, to make creative decisions so that the result of the work is really fascinating.

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