Google StreetView (Google Car)

Probably everyone knows the legendary Google car, which drives around the world and shoots streets for one of the most useful social projects Google Streetview. But not everyone knows that Google is gradually closing its own filming program and transferring this work to trusted experts. In Ukraine, such a specialist is Dmitriy Malyshev and IDRON studio.


About Google Streetview

Google Streetview is part of Google Maps. By activating it, the user gets the opportunity to literally plunge into the atmosphere of virtual walks through the streets, located anywhere in the world.



It is important to maintain information about virtual filming of the streets adjacent to your business in real form. This will allow Clients to find you faster.


Customers of this service

Shopping centers, Residential complexes and other large objects that have been built after 2015 are active Customers of this service, trying to look presentable and relevant on Google maps.

Equipment for such projects is unique and rare. Many orders and filming schedule drawn up for many weeks in advance. But we value every Client and always find the opportunity to work on interesting projects.

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