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Your Business is already on Google in the format of the My Business page and its marks on Maps ...

My Business gallery has beautiful photos, but in our time this is clearly not enough for a potential Client who is looking for a service like yours to contact you. It’s not a secret that people come to you for emotions, the atmosphere that your unique interiors and service create. And even the highest quality photographs do not solve the issue of an impressive and complete visual presentation. In order to prevent a single person from passing by you, we suggest enhancing the effect of your photos by placing a professional virtual tour in the gallery of your My Business page.

Placement on Google is Free and Unlimited, and the cost of creating and publishing a virtual tour will not scare you!

Virtual tour – virtual reality technology. It is an effective marketing tool that allows you to show your potential business object in a special way. It creates a “presence effect” in the viewer – vivid, unforgettable visual images and allows you to get the most complete information about the object.

Allows Clients to find you on Google

The tour is located in the gallery of the My Business page. As part of the Google services, it is displayed in Google Search, Google Maps, Google Earth.

Designed for modern gadgets

The service is adapted to work on all modern computers and mobile devices.

(Recommended OS Google Chrome and Android)

Virtual tour on your website

Google Virtual Tour integrates quickly and easily into any website. Share the service using email, instant messengers and social networks.

Powerful marketing tool

Virtual tour carries a Perpetual and Free advertising effect! The presence of a virtual tour allows the My Business page to be in the first place when searching Google maps.

Free SEO

Avoiding large financial expenses, the owner of the Business can increase the attendance of his site by up to 40%.

The face of your business

According to statistics, the virtual tour of Google, allows you to attract new and increase the loyalty of existing customers.

According to Google statistics:

0 %
use google maps

To search for information about companies, consumers use maps in 87% of cases.

0 %
twice more views

Pages of companies with photos and a virtual tour attract the attention of customers twice more often than everyone else.

0 %
attend business

In 41% of cases search ends with a visit.


Our portfolio includes a large number of professional virtual tours. At the request of Google Ukraine, we have created a virtual tour of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. We filmed AN 225 Dream and other objects that are the “calling card” of Ukraine. Our site has recommendations from Google Guide, our Clients and partners.

The virtual tour will be filmed, mounted and published on Google Maps. Publication No expiration date and no additional cost.

Our works are exceptionally high quality!

IDRON Studio (photographer Dmitry Malishev) is:

  • Many years of experience
  • A solid team of specialists
  • Professional level technique
  • Shooting using HDR technology
  • Deep retouching of the image being processed
  • Removing shadows and displaying cameras
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Virtual tours created for customers
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Our panoramas are viewed daily by users from all over the world.
Certificate from Google confirming expertise

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