Aerial photo and video shooting using quadrocopters – is a unique way to make an impressive and highly informative photos and videos of extensive grounds, buildings and events from a great height.

Aerial shooting provides a clear, complete picture in the smallest details and location of the events.

Aero video shooting is great for making new emotions in the promotional video. Allow your client to look at your hotel, manufacturing, residential complex or other business with the previously inaccessible perspective.

Aerial Photo of houses under construction and cottage villages will allow your future customers to make a full inspection of construction and sales objects on their computer screen.

Aerial view of the countryside is indispensable for many branches of science, agriculture and industry, as it allows obtaining shooting area containing the required geospatial data. For example, aerial photography of land will give precise information about the relief required to create cards and Aerial Photo fields and factories to help making an accurate plan of the territory.


We provide services of Aerial shooting using quadrocopters of DJI Company. DJI – is a global leader in solutions for aerial photography.

The cost of aerial shooting depends on the complexity of the problem, conditions of flight and time of shooting.

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