Panoramic video 360°°


Thanks to the use of modern special equipment, the latest technologies and innovative solutions, we create video of a new generation!



We own high-quality equipment that allows you to shoot video in a resolution of up to 8K.

Panorama streaming 360°


Videostreaming 360 degrees is a unique product in the market of multimedia content.
We provide an opportunity for the user to find himself in center of events, interactively participate in real time mode.
Panoramic streaming is a new step in the development of the entertainment, education, research and business.
The spectator can immerse himself in the atmosphere of an exclusive event, appear on the sports arena or fashion show, join interviews, presentations and much more.

Studio IDRON offers comprehensive solutions for the organization of video streaming in 360 ° video mode.

In our time, interest in panoramic video with a 360 ° view grows every day. The shooting can be conducted anywhere in the world and streamed for a wide audience or to an extremely limited circle of people.

Using this type of multimedia, you emphasize the closeness of your company to modern technical achievements and the high progressiveness of your Business.